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Who am I ?

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My name is Thomas Arnaud, and I'm an illustrator, concept artist, graphic designer and motion designer.
My main activity is illustration, which I've essentially been learning on my own since 2015.

I'm available to work on media such as book covers, illustrations for book pages, images for the advertising sector, culture, and many other media.

Watching films and TV series, I've always been interested in how to represent environments and the settings that can be created and displayed on our screens. How can we succeed in conveying emotions? How do you make the viewer travel and dream? Fascinated by this process, I wanted to start telling my own stories so that anyone viewing them could be invited into my imaginary world, just as I had visualized it. 

Whether it's a book, a video game or an audiovisual production, I thrive in a wide variety of environments to bring a little color, light and dream to the stories you read and watch every day. In April 2021, I decided to create new illustrations under the pseudonym Chroma, in reference to the colorful world I bring to life through my creations.

If these three paragraphs have convinced you, don't hesitate to contact me via the form.

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